Finding Personal Space on a Cruise

by | Mar 18, 2024

Cruise ships come in all sizes!  Choosing a smaller ship can provide more opportunities for personal space and some quiet time.  However, most small ships sail exotic destinations that can be expensive and inconvenient. If you do not have the opportunity for a smaller ship, here are some tips to on how to find your space on a larger cruise ship!

Take advantage of port days.

This is the simplest but not always the most convenient.  If you are interested in exploring new countries or locations, staying on board means you miss out.  We even did an article on some of the reasons you should not stay on board while in port.

However, if you stay on board, you will find the entire ship quieter and less crowded.  This is a great time to enjoy the pool, graze in the buffet and explore the ship from forward to aft.  

Head to the adult pool

If you crave a quieter experience, you will usually find it at the adult pool.  We love kids but when it comes to pool fun, they make a lot of noise!  The family pool is also the largest and with more people comes more noise and less open space.  

Upgrade to a suite

Upgrading to a suite will provide you with more living space.  If you need time away from the crowds, a larger stateroom offers your own private area to relax comfortably.  Some suites also offer extra amenities like preferred seating at shows or first preference for reservations. Some cruise lines have suite only areas, known as the ‘ship within a ship’ concept. This allows suite guests to have a small ship experience while sailing on a larger ship.

Purchase Special Access

Some cruise lines are now offering special access passes for purchase.  This access means you can take advantage of some extra amenities and perks regardless of your stateroom category.

A La Cart Purchases

If you just need a day or half day of peace, check out add-ons during your cruise.  There are options like cabana rentals, Thermal spa passes or similar offerings on board to create some luxury in the middle of your cruise and enjoy a day of quiet.

Bon Voyage!

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