Our Team

Alex Worlow

Alex Worlow owns Storyline Travel LLC and Personal Travel Specialist.  Alex has traveled the world and experienced many different cultures.  Our clients benefit from Alex’s experience as a Globe Trotter and his consistent content learning provided by our Strategic Partners.  Our goal at Storyline Travel LLC is to help our clients create memorable experiences.

Ali Young

Ali Young is our Magical Destinations Specialist at Storyline Travel LLC.  Ali is a former Walt Disney World cast member and experienced travel professional. Our clients benefit from her theme park experiences as well as constant upkeep of updates and changes as they come out. Whether it’s your first trip or your 50th, Ali can help you plan your next amazing magical vacation. At Storyline Travel, we listen to you and help you to create amazing vacations for your family that turn into stories you’ll tell forever.

Amy Worlow

Amy Worlow creates the amazing marketing for Storyline Travel LLC.  Amy creates regular postings to social media pages, oversees our YouTube channel and participates in on-sight reach and media capture.   As an experienced traveler, Amy shares travel tips and experiences through the many marketing campaigns created for Storyline Travel LLC.

Suzy Smith

Introducing Suzy Smith, your go-to travel expert based in Houston, TX.  With a deep passion for travel and a love for exploring new destinations, She is your trusted guide to creating unforgettable memories. Her enthusiasm and genuine love for all things travel make her a valuable asset in planning your dream vacation.

Suzy’s favorite region, the Caribbean, provides a tropical escape to relax and unwind. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family adventure, her personal experiences exploring both international and close to home, make her a knowledgeable travel partner.

From immersing herself in the vibrant culture of Thailand to discovering hidden gems in her own backyard, Suzy’s zest for life and her dedication to crafting tailored itineraries will ensure your trip is filled with excitement, discovery, and lifelong memories. Trust Suzy Smith to turn your travel dreams into a reality. Email her today to start planning your unforgettable adventure.